This has been the site of Christian worship for over a thousand years. Wymondham was a small but significant town from very early times, located between the important trading centres of Thetford and Norwich.  Saxon Wymondham probably had a stone-built minster church, serving the town and surrounding villages. Its foundations may lie beneath the church […]


Historic architecture meets nature’s beauty in a serene setting.

Step Inside

Embark on a journey through time in this sacred sanctuary.

The North Aisle

A tranquil corridor echoing with whispers of ancient liturgies.

The Nave

Where the sacrament of baptism bridges generations in faith.

Main Organ

Harmonious sounds that resonate with the Abbey’s soul and history.

The Chancel

A divine partition, intricately designed to inspire reverence and awe.

The South Aisle

A sunlit passage, adorned with stories of faith and community.