The Abbey

Imagine hosting your next event amidst the historic charm and serene ambiance of Wymondham Abbey. Whether it’s an intimate concert, a community gathering, or a lively celebration, our spaces are tailored to meet diverse needs. From the majestic Church to the versatile Abbey Hall, each setting offers unique features to make your occasion truly special. Hire the Abbey, dive into the details below and envision the possibilities.

hire the abbey

The Church

Wymondham Abbey is available to hire for concerts and other events. We can provide a variety of spaces suitable for different types of events which can be hired by agreement. For concerts and similar we are able to offer interval refreshments including wine.

If this would be of interest, please get in touch by using the form on our Contact page.

hiring the abbey

Special Events

In our refectory in the new extension, we have facilities that enable events such as baptism parties and funeral wakes to take place. We have a food preparation area with sink, glass washer, microwave and small fridge. Hot drinks can be prepared, and pre-prepared buffet food can be laid out. Please get in touch if this might be of interest, and we can arrange a visit for you to see what we offer.

Hire the Abbey