What's on at the Abbey

Weekly Calendar

  • Centering Presence

    Tuesdays, 10:30am, in the Abbey and online

  • Pop up café

    Saturdays, 11am, in the Abbey Grounds

  • The Abbey open for Private Prayer & Visitors

    Saturdays, 11am – 1pm

  • Sunday services

    Sundays, 11am, in the Abbey and online


Book your seat to attend the beautiful Sunday Service in the Abbey and enjoy the warm welcome, the authentic experience, and the relaxed atmosphere that Mother Catherine creates, all blended with elements of ceremony.

Centering Presence

Peace & Light

going deeply into peace
& becoming enlightened

for seekers of the non dual conciousness where all is love

A weekly online session, on Tuesdays from 10:30 led by Mother Catherine. Fill in the form below to register your interest and receive your invitation.

    The details you share with us here will only be used to send you invitations to our weekly Practicing Presence sessions. You do not need to register again if you have done it for a previous session.

    Abbey Days

    Saturday 21st August, from 11am

    The Abbey’s popular summer fair is back with live music, licensed bar, street food, workshops and stalls galore.


    With lockdown easing and the Abbey re-opening, we are looking for volunteers to provide a warm, encouraging welcome to the town and to tourists.

    Can you help?

    A beautiful and serene environment to spend time in, meeting people, helping the community.

    Email parishoffice@wymondhamabbey.org.uk answering the following questions:

    • Why do you want to volunteer at the Abbey?
    • When are you available to start and what days and times can you work?
    • What is the best way to contact you?
    • Have you worked or volunteered at the Abbey or in a similar position before?

    If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.