Centering Presence

If you have ever wondered about it, this is your chance to have a look at contemplative prayer. Suitable for the complete novice and also for advanced practitioners.

A welcome and introduction, A guided deep relaxation, A time of centering and a time of reflection on Jesus’ non-dual or “enlightenment awakening” teachings.

Tuesdays from 10:30am.

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Prayer and Reflection


Bethel Sennitt Educational and Charitable Society (BSECS) is a project empowering women and children in India. The project is made up of a registered school, a church and a women’s empowerment project.

The self-sustaining model for this charity uses fees from the highly-popular provide nourishment, safety and love for the 17 orphan children who study alongside their peers up until 10th grade. Upon graduating from school, the young people are supported in finding jobs, homes, and spiritual fulfilment.

The church’s community also empowers a group of women whose life journeys have left them unable to support themselves and their children, if they have them. The BSECS Women’s Empowerment Project provides a safe platform and spiritual support for these women, many of whom are widows, have been through a divorce, or left destitute. They are able to learn the skills needed to sustain a fulfilling life. One of the key elements of enriching these women’s lives is learning to sew in order to gain employment. At present, the project uses four machines in rotation, and so aspires to provide women with more learning time, with the addition of more machines.

The BSECS charity is experiencing an unprecedented struggle to feed and love the children in its care, as COVID-19 has made it necessary to close the school. Without the school fees, the 17 children relying on the project for their safety and happiness are left with no income with which to buy food and other necessities.

The teachers and Ayas (Nannies) are extremely dedicated to their work, though restrictions on shopping times and food stocks and making it even harder to provide the children with the basics they need to survive. Prayers and Donations are needed during this time of uncertainty and adversity.


The Abbey is open for prayer 10 -2pm Monday and Tuesday.

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