Centering Presence

A welcome and introduction to complative prayer, a guided deep relaxation, a time of centering and a time of reflection on Jesus’ non-dual or “enlightenment awakening” teachings.

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    Prayer and Reflection


    • Centering Presence

      Tuesdays, 10:30am

    • Pop-up cafe on the Abbey grounds

      Saturdays, 11:00am

    • Livestream of Sunday services, online

      Sundays, 9:30am

    Virtual Tour

    Take a self-guided, online tour of Wymondham Abbey based on the materials used in the guided walks.

    The rich history of the Abbey means that your worship here is rooted in that of many faithful generations before you.

    The Abbey was built as a Benedictine monastery (founded in 1107). In the 16th century Henry VIII ordered that Wymondham and many other monasteries be demolished and the stone repurposed, however part of the building survived, and still stands today. The ruins of the monastery are also with us, and make for a lovely place to walk, pray, or have a picnic.

    Significant historical features within the Church include a 14th century font, an 18th century organ, a gilded reredos (Ninian Comper), and a recently uncovered medieval architectural design.

    In 2015 the Abbey was extended with a new refectory and Chapel.

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    The Abbey is currently closed for private prayer due to repairs being carried out on the building. Follow the Facebook page for updates.

    If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.