Leave a Christmas greeting below for your Abbey community – family members, friends, and Wymondham as a whole.

The messages will be broadcast on Christmas Eve, just before the Crib Service.



  1. Christmas will be different this year, but try to remember that although most things seem cancelled, sunshine, love, reading, music, devotion, kindness and hope are not cancelled. Stay safe and enjoy this special time to recharge. Sending Christmas cheer to all.

  2. Joy to you and those you love, Joy to Wymondham and Joy to the world –

    I want to wish you and all the people of Wymondham and Spooner Row a peaceful Christmas with beautiful unexpected joys and wonder. I hope no one will be alone -if you have a neighbour on their own please ring them or pop up on their doorstep to say hello on Christmas Day.

    Covid 19 has put pressures on everyone it has been confusing and laced with terrible loss and sadness for so many. We have found pleasures in small things in quiet, gentler, less expensive things and this can help as we rush back to “normal” to free ourselves of toxic habits and be careful to protect and take with us the essence of what sustains us – our family, our community and our faith – the ground of our being – that we call Love.

    May God bless you, bless each home, bless your dear pets and all the wild creatures we live amongst, May God bless all that lives in this beautiful place that is our home.

  3. It’s a different Christmas and that’s difficult… but it was a different and difficult time for Mary and Joseph too.

    But … there were angels and shepherds and sheep … and the safe arrival of the baby … Our Lord Jesus!

    Happy Christmas everyone.

  4. To Nanny & Grandad, and Grandma & Grandad,
    We love you so much and we’re so sorry we haven’t been able to see you properly this year. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and we can’t wait to have big hugs when we’re allowed to again.
    Lots of love from Florrie, Peony & Hugo xxxxxx

    • Thank you for that lovely crib service and for your special message
      We’ve certainly missed seeing you too but we will make up for it next year! Love you.xxxx

  5. Happy Christmas everyone!
    It may have to be a very simple one this year but so was the very first Christmas. It was, after all, in a bare stable that ” The Word became flesh and made his dwelling with us”.
    In the quiet holiness of this time may you find peace with God, peace with others, and peace in your own heart.

  6. In this extraordinary year, I wish you all a peaceful Christmas. It will be difficult for many but try to reflect on the small but simple joys God has given us. To quote my favourite Christmas film:
    ‘A cup of kindness that we share with another
    A sweet reunion with a friend or a brother
    In all the places you find love it feels like Christmas’.
    I’ll be thinking of you all when I make my Christmas morning cup of tea, and hope to be serving one to you very soon!

  7. I Can’t remember the last time Christmas dinner was just for two. Although I would love to be spending time around the table with all my family, staying apart will ensure we are together next year. Happy Christmas everyone,, let’s all enjoy a different experience xx

  8. Happy Christmas Everyone! Thank you so much for the beautiful Abbey Christmas services, and heartfelt gratitude to you for the joy and peace spending time with you all brings me. Whether alone or in company this Christmas, I pray everyone feels loved, today and every day. If we make the best of what we have, more will be given to us. When we are robbed of time with our loved ones, it makes every second with them more precious. I wish company for the lonely, comfort for everyone in pain and abundance in all good things to all creation. May all your needs be met and may all living beings everywhere learn to live each present moment to the full. God bless you always and keep you safe from all harm, love Hazel xx p.s. May times of increased solitude teach us to be more kind and loving to ourselves, so we have bigger, more open hearts to share with our loved ones when face-to-face company with them resumes. Thank you for being such a good example of Jesus’ love for our generation Catherine. I hope you are able to see your loved ones overseas in person again one day soon. Namaste xx

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