St. Valentine was a priest, providing ministry to persecuted Christians in the 3rd century, martyred for his faith… for love. He is remembered by Christian churches on 14th February.

The Victorians took over Valentine’s Day with hearts and flowers encouraging people to spend money to show their love.

During the pandemic many people have spent more time with their partners, adjusting to working from home, or new patterns of leisure time. It hasn’t felt much like hearts and flowers at all – but it is still love.


Covid Valentines

Maybe not a perfect day – doesn’t need to be
not even a perfect partner – again no need
are you perfect? – nope


Take proper time together.

Turn off the tv, and just sit, being with each other. Let the conversation ebb and flow

Take the pressure of yourselves. Deep love is the stuff that carries us though difficulties and frustrations

A perfect relationship = two imperfect people with all the ups and downs of life refusing to give up on each other”