Supporting you

If you, or someone you know is in need of a little support, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our priests. Everyone needs help from time to time, and at the Abbey it is readily available. Whether you are struggling with mental health problems, grief, financial constraints or anything in between, the clergy at the Abbey would like to know and do what they can to help. Priests can be found after any service, or contacted through the Abbey Office.


As a Church we regularly pray for our community. If you would like us to pray for you specifically, please speak to the Abbey office.

Supporting us


Volunteers are vital to the smooth running of Wymondham Abbey. Volunteering is a great way to socialise while supporting your Church. Any talents you would like to offer the Abbey would be welcomed and nourished. Please get in touch with the Abbey Office where they will find a role for someone of your particular skill set.


Donations to the Abbey are gratefully received, and put to very good use. Donations go towards mission, outreach and maintenance of the building. If you would like to give, please contact us.

If you are thinking of leaving a legacy to Wymondham Abbey in your will please download the following useful information. You can leave a legacy to the PCC (for the general running of the Church), the Friends of Wymondham Abbey (for beautification of the Abbey and grounds), or to the Wymondham Abbey Trust ( for the preservation of the building and surrounding wildlife).

If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.