In these anxious times, we all have ways that we reduce our stress (e.g. watching television, spending time on social media). While these techniques are a temporary solution, they do nothing to actually increase our peace. Distracting ourselves from stress will never give us a truly peaceful life. A deep and true peace can only be achieved by paying attention to our spirituality and nurturing it. Ways to do this include meditation, prayer and practising mindfulness, all of which can easily fit into your day and improve your life. As Christians we find our peace in Jesus (‘The Prince of Peace’). Please continue reading for ways to achieve peace in your life, as well as ways to reduce your stress right now (without simply distracting you.)

Prayer Box

Leave a message in the prayer box outside St Benedict’s or fill in the form online and the Ministry team will read it and pray for you and your loved ones.
Leave a phone number if you want a priest to contact you.


Tray of Peace and Protection

It is important not to let dark ideas and worries get a hold on you as they will bring fear with them. Below is an idea on how to handle them, and prayers.

If you start to think worrying thoughts It is ok. Go through the whole procedure even if you have already done it earlier. You might find ways to personalise and extend the practice in ways that help you.

Instead of worrying

If these thoughts arise – notice the thought – remember you have had them before and they always go. You know straight away this will not last. It can helps to have a plan.

Remind yourself that God loves you is present with you.

If you are reading this and are feeling anxious and haven’t already prepared   – no stress!

Just go about getting all the bits together until you are ready to begin. When you are done, make sure your tray is left always ready and inviting.

On your evening tray of peace, and protection you will need

  • A pot, cup and calming tea – all just ready for boiling water
  • A small healthy snack – perhaps a small dish of nuts and dried fruit
  • A  favourite book
  • Paper or a note book and a pen or pencil
  • A candle
  • These prayers for peace and protection, print them, or write them down and keep them on the tray
  • A warn cosy hat or scarf or woolly socks

Do you want anything else on your peace tray? Include anything small that helps you relax.

How to use the tray of peace and protection

You could use your tray every evening at the time when you begin to feel low. 6pm might be a good time?
Get out the tray and put it in your cosy spot. Put on cosy lights only.

Make some nice tea – do this slowly, do it mindfully. Make yourself comfortable. Pour tea into your favourite cup.
Mindfully – notice the steam the smell and sounds and enjoy them.
Think of the things to be grateful for that day. A bird you saw. A phone call. Things you noticed on a walk. The things that you have done that day – washing up, writing a letter. Note down your gratitude.Time to mindfully light your candle. Pay attention to the light, small movements of the flame.

and then……

Taking your time, say the prayers you have written out.
Read them slowly and say them out loud.
End by thanking God for God’s love for all creation.
All animals, all plants, every human being
And for all the Goodness Jesus taught us
And his amazing love for you, personally
And finally thank yourself for setting aside this time to care for yourself.

Rest for a while.
Then perhaps read a small portion of a favourite book.
Or perhaps just sit quietly and watch the candle burn until you feel it is time to move on.
If you have lots of worries come to you through the day, write them down – just a word or two. Put them in a nice basket, they are safe there and you can now let them go until the right time to go through them supported by prayer.

For Children

There is support at the Abbey for people of all ages, and there are dedicated events and activities for children. Email families@wymondhamabbey.org.uk to find out more.

Centering Presence

Peace & Light

going deeply into peace
& becoming enlightened

for seekers of the non dual conciousness where all is love

A weekly session, on Tuesdays from 10:30.

Living a happy and peaceful life...

“Spirituality is about finding who you really are and learning to live out of that place – it is about profound authenticity. This involves sacrifice and vulnerability leading to happiness peace and wisdom. All Jesus’ teachings lead us to this realisation, and our worship is an expression of this truth.”

If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.