In these anxious times, we all have ways that we reduce our stress (e.g. watching television, spending time on social media). While these techniques are a temporary solution, they do nothing to actually increase our peace. Distracting ourselves from stress will never give us a truly peaceful life. A deep and true peace can only be achieved by paying attention to our spirituality and nurturing it. Ways to do this include meditation, prayer and practising mindfulness, all of which can easily fit into your day and improve your life. As Christians we find our peace in Jesus (‘The Prince of Peace’). Please continue reading for ways to achieve peace in your life, as well as ways to reduce your stress right now (without simply distracting you.)

Mindfulness for Children

Practicing Presence

Enjoy centering presence at this session with a lead relaxation exercise. Every Tuesday from 10:30am.

Practising the presence of God.

If you have ever wondered about it, this is your chance to have a look at contemplative prayer. Suitable for the complete novice and also for advanced practitioners.

Guided meditation online will introduce you to practice of centering prayer and the deep wisdom of Jesus’ teaching: How you can reach enlightenment & be the light & stay awake.

The sessions will be an hour: A welcome and introduction, A guided deep relaxation, A time of centering and a time of reflection on Jesus’ non-dual or “enlightenment awakening” teachings.

A complete de-stress.

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When you’re feeling overwhelmed...


1. Draw attention to your breath, noticing the feeling of breathing in and out.

2. Notice your surroundings using all your senses, actively take note of what you can see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

3. Do a small and routine task, this could be making a cup of tea or preparing a snack. Do it slowly and enjoy each step of the process.

After taking these steps you should feel much more calm and clear minded.

Living a happy and peaceful life...

“Spirituality is about finding who you really are and learning to live out of that place – it is about profound authenticity. This involves sacrifice and vulnerability leading to happiness peace and wisdom. All Jesus’ teachings lead us to this realisation, and our worship is an expression of this truth.”

– Mother Catherine Relf-Pennington SSM

If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.