Source of all Being,
you know my little dyings; you know my greening and renewal.
You know every inch of every ring within the trunk of my life.
You know the spiral of my inner ways.
May your Spirit blow through my leaves this day
that my prayer might inhale heaven as I exhale on earth.
May your Spirit be the sap that feeds my roots when my energy descends.
May your Spirit be the love that turns my leaves to flames,
as a quieter passion flares with aging loveliness before it falls.
May your Spirit make me receptive to all I must let go,
like the soil that is nourished by the dropping leaf.
May your Spirit bless me in my diminishing like the toadstool at my feet
releasing goodness as it withers, beyond where the eye can see.
Source of all, you turn the circle of the earth, of my life, of this day.
Come with your windfall grace as I offer you my day.