This week we tried our hand at the Japanese art of Hapa Zome, or to put it eloquently: petal bashing.

You start by laying out a little floral arrangements from your garden (or daily walk, if it’s safe for you to do so) between two sheets of 100% cotton fabric. We used an old pillow case. Then use a hammer (or stone) to bash away at your flat-lay. The natural dyes in the flowers and leaves will seep out and stain the fabric, with beautiful results.

Both my one-year old, and four-year old got something out of this simple activity, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it too!

There’s something wonderful about taking an old pillowcase ready for the bin, wilted spring blooms which will be ready for compost soon, and bashing them for an afternoon to make something more long-lasting and beautiful than we had before. Perhaps a nice process to ponder in these uncertain times of change, of new habits growing and mentalities shifting.