Making a Flower Crown

We love activities which encourage the kids to connect with the seasons. This can require a little more creativity in the winter month; but now spring has arrived I can feel my energy for activities soaring! The easiest way to help little hands and minds really get a feel for this season is to hunt for, and engage with all the newfound flowers which are popping up every week.

This week the daffodil flowers in our garden have spread their pollen and are back to resting for another year, while our hyacinths and primroses are just beginning to pop up. So, this week I decided to celebrate the shift with flower crowns.

We simply covered a few strips of card in glue, and allowed the kids (both my 4 and 1 year old loved this part) to arrange petals and leaves they found around the garden however they saw fit.

I then stapled the card strips together by wrapping the strips around their heads and figuring out how long they ought to be.

They only last a few days, but I find that adds to the magical sense of fragile beauty that natural materials have to offer.