I’m sure we’re not the only family who, three weeks onto self-isolation, have rather a surplus of cardboard boxes! Today we decided to get creative with our influx of deliveries and make a cardboard city. It gave us all a chance to get a bit creative, and gave us the essential opportunity to demonstrate how much we value Ophelia’s creative input. We were able to listen to all of her suggestions, build on them, talk about them, and have a lovely piece of insight as to what she thought was essential in a city. A cinema playing Frozen 2 and Monsters Inc. was top of the list, closely followed by a school. We used the scraps left over from the buildings to make little roadways, which she loved drawing road marking on, and running her toy trains up and down on. She bought her little finger puppets along for the ride; and told some fascinating stories with them. I love this kind of play because it’s a valuable opportunity to hear about your children’s perspectives of the world. I would love to see what you all create with your cardboard boxes! Cities, spaceships, forts and castles…send your creations to us on facebook, Instagram, or through email.