Following Jesus teachings on
Enlightening Transcendence
this church is Orthodox and Catholic

Everyone is welcome here.

We hold the teachings of Jesus to be Holy, sacred, of ultimate importance and we try to follow his way.  He encourages us to  live lives grounded, authentic, humble and transcendent – full of light and love.

We seek to live engaged and relevant Christianity expressing loving kindness for all beings.

We follow Jesus’ way of  enlightenment; the gateway to experiencing abundant life.

We do do not water down the faith or what it is to be a Christian.

We are one with our brothers and sisters in the faith around the world and we understand the call on us to serve Wymondham and Spooner Row.

We are catholic: our understanding of God is incarnational – that means we understand God to be present with us, and with all, at all times and in all places. We see people (whether Christian or not) as well as creatures, plants and galaxies…. in fact all that is, and all that is unseen as being held in God’s love.

We are orthodox: we value the heritage and traditions of the Holy Church and we live in solidarity with the Church through the ages and around the world. We revere the Holy Scriptures as well as the lives and teachings of the churches early Fathers and Mothers and of the great saints. We hold dear the ancient liturgies of the Church the great traditions passed from generation to generation.

Everyone is welcome here.

If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.