Weddings at the Abbey are joyful, beautiful and Holy. If you decide you would like your special day to be at the Abbey, then please get in touch with the Abbey office as soon as possible. Because weddings are celebratory Holy Sacraments, we don’t hold them in penitential seasons (i.e. Lent and Advent).

A champagne reception is also available for you and your guests, in the picturesque new extension of the Abbey.


In the Sacrament of Baptism new members of God’s family are welcomed into the Church, and the community make promises to support their growing faith. Baptism is not only for children; adults are often Baptised at the same time as they are confirmed. If you are considering Baptism for yourself or your family, please speak to a priest after any service.


Confirmation is your opportunity to make your own declaration of faith (following on from the declarations made for you at your Baptism). If you would like to be Confirmed, please speak to a priest after any service.


Funerals are held throughout the year by arrangement with your funeral director.

Light up the Abbey

Celebrate all of these occassions and more by sponsoring the floodlighting of the Abbey for an evening. The lights will be on during the date of your choice from sunset until 11pm.

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If you are feeling anxious or low, visit the spirituality and support sections of this website.