Friends of Wymondham Abbey

Helping our families in the community

Since the start of the pandemic we have been helping some families in the coomunity who have reached out to us.  We have supplied them with food parcels in the school holidays when the family and children miss out on their free school meals. We also work with a local charity called Anon who help…

Your church, your vicarage

The Telegraph: It’s time to rebel – the Church of England is abandoning its flock The things which most Britons still value about the CofE are about to be destroyed by the very people who are meant to be its custodians Read the full article here:

Wymondham Abbey Episcopal Visitation 2021

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We have a new telephone number

  Our number has changed New number is 01953 605671

Annual Friends Meeting

Have you subscribed to be a member of the Wymondham Abbey Friends? There is a current members meeting on Tuesday 13th July at 5.30pm Please email for zoom details

Wymondham Abbey PCC Draft Financial Report for 2020

Click here to view document   Questions: Q. p5 Under Current Assets does the Debtors amount of £120,520 include the unpaid parish share? A. No, the PCC agreed that it was not possible to pay the share in 2020. Most of the Debtors figure (and matching Creditors amount) relate to grants from the Preservation Trust…

More Amazing Baking from the Happiness Children

Pentecost Celebrations 2021

Wymondham Abbey PCC Financial Report for 2019

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Wymondham Abbey PCC Annual Report 2020

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Wymondham Abbey PCC Annual Report on 2019

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Happiness Baking

The very talented children in our Happiness group have started a baking group on Friday evening. You can see that they have been hard at work and had lots of fun in the process, they even did the washing up! If you come along to our pop-up cafe in the Abbey grounds on a Saturday…

Creative Response

Bring your art and craft materials and enjoy some creative company in the Abbey grounds. This week we will be making rainbow badges and decorating bags with leaves! Saturdays 11 – 1pm

Getting married? Read this….

Are you thinking of getting married? Wherever you choose to have your wedding, changes to the way in which marriages are registered came into effect on 4 May 2021. There will also be further changes to the law relating to the marriage of foreign nationals as a result of Brexit, which will come into effect…

Make a Bird Feeder this Spring

These are so easy to make and the birds love them. All you need is an clean empty tin (soup or baked beans etc) or an clean jar.  Collect some nice foliage from the garden or when your next out on a walk and glue to the outside of the tin or jar (I used…

Ten Minute Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let the children have a go at this one. This has been a firm favourite with our Abbey families, why don’t you give it a try – you wont regret it

The Willow is Growing Well

Spring is here. Come down to the Abbey grounds and see the willow growth on the Cloister and the Dome

Readers Corner

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street By Natasha Pulley This novel is a highly recommended bestseller. However it was a long time before I read it as I am not someone who enjoys fantasy. However once I started reading it I loved it. It is enchanting and sweeps the reader into a magical Victorian London inhabited…

Volunteers needed

With lockdown easing and the Abbey re-opening, we are looking for volunteers to provide a warm, encouraging welcome to the town and to tourists. Can you help? A beautiful and serene environment to spend time in, meeting people, helping the community. Email answering the following questions: Why do you want to volunteer at the…

Come and see the new Abbey Cloister

  Watch this willow arch turn into a small haven of peace as the leaves begin to appear A place to ponder and pray Enjoy seeing it become green with the progress of Spring Bare branches soon to be clothed with new life

Food Parcels

We recently sent out food parcels out to families in need during the recent school holidays and all have been very well received. We have had many messages saying how much its helped and it has been wonderful to be able to help the families in our community in times of need. In the February…

Book Review

After the death of her famous sister Jane, Cassandra Austen returns to the home of her family’s friends. She knows that somewhere in the dusty, sprawling vicarage there is some letters containing secrets that must not be revealed. Although not exactly a book about Jane Austen, it is a story about the two sisters and…

Gardeners Corner

We’ve put up with this year’s ‘beast’ and enjoyed a balmy (relatively) mild interlude in the winter’s weather. At least we have been much better off than Texas! Their weather should at least push home the message of climate change. Our cold snap should have killed off some of the pests to help gardeners and…

Valentine’s Day

St. Valentine was a priest, providing ministry to persecuted Christians in the 3rd century, martyred for his faith… for love. He is remembered by Christian churches on 14th February. The Victorians took over Valentine’s Day with hearts and flowers encouraging people to spend money to show their love. During the pandemic many people have spent…

Minutes of PCC Meeting 15.12.2020

Click here to view the Minutes of PCC meeting 15.12.2020

Food Parcels

In January we put a post out offering to help any families that usually receive free school meals and felt they were struggling with food for the children during lockdown. We had a good response and we engaged with these parents and offered our help. Kellie delivered these families some much appreciated food parcels along…

Recipe of the Month: Cheese Scones

Since lockdown my son who’s 7 has become quite the chef! He has never really been interested in cooking before now but when we soon discovered he really didn’t enjoy home schooling (that makes two of us!) I decided to combine reading and maths and make it more practical and encourage cooking and baking. Since…

Gardeners Corner

I don’t have much to write this month. I found a plant in the garden already growing vigorously, well budded and with some blooms, in the freezing weather in January. I know we bought it at East Ruston Gardens last summer, but the label has come off! Not much help to anyone wanting early season…

Happiness Group

With schools still closed, many young people are still continuing to learn from home and are missing many of their usual pastimes and friends. Technology is a mixed blessing – a great way to keep connected but hours of looking at a screen brings its own challenges. The Happiness group continue to meet online. Time…


Compline is an ancient service of quiet and reflective evening prayer. A peaceful and calm end to the day Weekdays on Facebook at 7pm and available throughout the evening

Our New Lighting Scheme Update

Work on our new lighting scheme is progressing well with half of the planned 136 fittings now in place. It’s looking so much nicer and brighter already and we’ve taken the opportunity to clean the Triforium and remove all redundant fittings and electrics. The Nave ceiling is now illuminated so we can see the Angels…

Centering Presence

Centering presence teaches the ancient practice of Contemplative prayer. Deepen your understanding and your relationship with the God who loves you. This practice leads us towards the great Enlightenment of Christ Consciousness in nondual awareness. It is also relaxing refreshing and beautiful. If you would like to join us on Tuesday mornings at 10.30, you…

International Women’s Day

During the pandemic women across the world have carried many roles. Striving to provide food, education, love and comfort for their families and communities – sometimes in difficult circumstances and at times of anxiety and stress. Wymondham Abbey is responding to this by compiling a short video of women sharing their experiences of this time…

Poem: Candlemas

All candles are blessed and lit, Showered with hope and joy, To embark on this glorious day, The presentation of this amazing baby boy. Each candle burning bright, Lighting up the Temple, Filling up each heart with love, As we remember Christ so calm and gentle. Two graceful doves motionless, Ready for the hands of…