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The Guild of St Benedict   

Over 14 centuries ago St Benedict created his Rule for Life which was the practice of welcome and hospitality, something that was carried on by the monks at Wymondham Abbey. Today we continue that practice of welcome and hospitality, central to everything we do.

The purpose of the Guild is to encourage a feeling of belonging as well as an opportunity to get to know other volunteers and what is happening across this large and complex organisation.

  1. There will be 2 gatherings for all volunteers per year.
  2. Heads of Teams will meet initially 4 times per year  (to be reviewed after 1 year) Team leaders will be asked to produce a short written report which will be compiled prior to the meeting.  There will be opportunities for discussion and suggestions for future developments.

Documents from meetings and info

Guild Team Leaders meeting Minutes 27/04/2023

Guild of St Benedict inaugural meeting 08/02/2023


Pre-Approved Expenses 

For any pre-approved expenses please print off the form below, complete and return to the treasurer at