Jesus the Christ,
unconquerable even by death!
Bursting out from the depths of the tomb,
A new power; let loose in the world.
Now unrestrictedly.

Accumulating evidence of a risen spirit body
demonstrating victory.
A meeting in a garden.
Bread in a house.
Fish on the shore.
A promise of more to come.

No more parting, but now an unseen presence,
in the depths of the heart,
God’s new creation,
fulfilment of centuries of gradual revelation,
the way to at-one-ment for the people of God.
A glimpse of eternity here in the world.
Look and see you passers-by,
Here is another way, a way of love.
Empowered by the Spirit,
transforming inner desires,
enabling victory over evil.
Here is the power to energise the Creation,
God’s strength in apparent weakness,
not foolishness, but true wisdom.