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The primary sources relating to the Abbey reside unedited in the British Library as the ‘Wymondham Register’ or cartulary, whilst the ‘Minister’s Accounts’ are housed at the National Archives; a few of these are kept in our Muniment Room above the porch having been left there by the historian Paul Cattermole following the preparation of his collection of essays. There is a fragmentary transcription of parts of the ‘Wymondham Register’ at the Norfolk Record Office but little is known about it or its accuracy.


The secondary source most relied upon here is Paul Cattermole, ed., Wymondham Abbey: A History of the Monastery and Parish Church (Wymondham, 2007). Most of its authors have used the above primary sources to some degree, but without a complete edition of the cartulary and other documentary evidence most have had to draw analogies and comparisons from other similar sites for some of their conclusions.


In terms of monasticism, a number of scholarly books, articles, and essays have been drawn upon; the following is just a small selection:

● Mick Aston, Monasteries in the Landscape (Stroud, 2009);

● James Bond, Monastic Landscapes (Stroud, 2004);

● Roberta Gilchrist, Gender and Material Culture: The Archaeology of Religious Women (London, 1994);

● J. Patrick Greene, Medieval Monasteries (London, 1992);

● Lorna Price, The Plan of St Gall in Brief: based on the work by Walter Horn and Ernest Born (Berkeley, CA, 1982);

● Michael Thompson, Cloister, Abbot & Precinct in Medieval Monasteries (Stroud, 2001).

● Images: Most images used here are taken from Paul Cattermole, ed., Wymondham Abbey: A History of the Monastery and Parish Church (Wymondham, 2007) and will be captioned individually or by group as from ‘Cattermole’ with page number. Other images are captioned appropriately according to their sources.