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● St Felix: seventh-century Burgundian monk said to have brought Christianity to the East Angles.

● St Etheldreda (Aethelthryth, Audrey): seventh-century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman, abbess of Ely.

● St Edmund the Martyr: ninth-century East Anglian king. It is said that he was killed by the Danes when he refused to renounce Christianity.

● St Hugh: twelfth-century French monk of the Carthusian order, Bishop of Lincoln. He defended the large Jewish community in Lincoln. His emblem is a swan because it is said that a swan befriended him and would keep people away from him.

● Mother Julian of Norwich: fourteenth-century Christian mystic. Takes her name from the church where she was an anchoress. The reconstructed cell can be visited.

● St Fursey: seventh-century Irish monk, established Christianity in East Anglia. First recorded Irish missionary to East Anglia.