We’ve put up with this year’s ‘beast’ and enjoyed a balmy (relatively) mild interlude in the winter’s weather. At least we have been much better off than Texas! Their weather should at least push home the message of climate change. Our cold snap should have killed off some of the pests to help gardeners and farmers alike. Unfortunately, it has done for a few of our plants, but that always makes a bit of space for a few more, and a chance to plant something new. Our mimosa is in bud and promises a fine display very soon, and of course our bulbs also promise a goodly display. I have tided the last of the dead growth from last year, so the garden looks much tidier and ready for spring.

Some small flower beds have been prepared in the churchyard, ready for spring planting, and some summer flowering bulbs will also be planted there as well as under the yew trees by the gate, which is at present rather bleak. The picnic tables are well used, even in the coldest weather, surprisingly, and many people stroll in the churchyard, so we hope they will appreciate some flowers here and there as well as the roses next summer.


Bernard Douglass