In the stillness

“we are being forced into the wilderness. Temptations everywhere may arrive with noisy ego-interest argument and complaints.   in the stillness in the surrender to what is the strange frightening beauty of being undefended in wilderness is revealed   and the Angels of God will minister to you there”

Girl looking with desire at sweets in kitchen

Isolation Tasks with Kids

This week in isolation has been one where our efforts to build a predictable day, and a calm and respectful environment for the children have started to bear fruit. In the spirit of respecting the need to slow down enforced by COVID-19, we have been enabled to pay extra thought to including the children in…

cauliflower cream soup

The positives of isolation

It’s really easy to feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed by the negatives of self isolation. We’re on week four, and though there have certainly been ups and downs, this week I find myself thinking about the positives of quarantine. When we zoom into the effect it’s having on our households, for the majority of us who…

Polyanthus - spring flowers


With this year’s Spring comes what? The blossoms are the same, the weather is by now much as always but we are up some sort of creek without a paddle. For weeks we will be thrown on to our own individual resources. To make the best of what we have, we could spend more time…