Volunteers needed

Spring is here, lockdown is easing The workmen have finished, the Abbey is re-opening Can you help? We are looking for volunteers to provide a warm, encouraging welcome to the town and to tourists A beautiful and serene environment to spend time in, meeting people, helping the community Apply on Facebook or email parishoffice@wymondhamabbey.org.uk

Condolences Book

Wymondham Abbey expresses its sincere and deepest condolences upon the death of Prince Philip Please light a candle at home and leave your condolences below. We will collect them and print them into a book.

Praying and prayers

I’m only an amateur, all I hope to do is to stimulate discussion and sharing. Tom Wright—The Lord and his Prayer p4 Prayer is of course a mystery. Many Christians, including many clergy, have come to accept that they don’t find prayer easy, that they don’t really understand what it does or can do. Many…