Sunday Service

The Sunday Service is livestreamed from the Abbey on Sunday from 9:30am. Click below to watch it live either on Youtube or Facebook.

If you are not watching this live, the service starts 5 minutes into the video.

Catherine's Reflection



The Three Letter Word

Just a three lettered word
because words are inadequate,
are an unsuitable medium
to define that which inspires
that mysterious sense of otherness,
of awe and reverence,
of harmony and connectedness.

An otherness beyond words
yet an otherness which encompasses
all that was,
that is,
that can be,
an otherness which is all-pervading love.

Omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence,
consubstantial, co-eternal
and all the other mind-stretching words
are but human attempts
to explore, to capture,
even to confine
that which is beyond telling.

Words cannot contain
that which we name God.
Indeed, words may obscure,
prevent, deter.

So let us be still.
Just be.
Just know
and love.


Be Still

O Lord, still our busy, thought-filled minds,
calm our fears and bring us into
an awareness of your presence with us
where no words are needed
for you know the things which give us joy
and those which cause us anxiety.
So help us to be still and know that you are God;
still on life’s mountain-tops
when exhilarated and encouraged;
still in the dark valleys
when in despair, anxiety or pain.
Transform our moments of awareness
into markers of spiritual gold
to enrich and enlighten us.

Godly Play

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