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Get involved

Helping in the shopHow you can help with the day to day running of Wymondham Abbey

Throughout its history, repairs, adornments, conservation, beautification and alterations have all been financed through legacies and gifts. This wonderful building belongs to all of us, not to the State nor to the Church of England.

Our forebears built and sustained the Abbey over many centuries; now it is our turn to shoulder the responsibility. Wymondham Abbey is entirely self-supporting, and relies on the generosity of our visitors and our own church community for the running and maintenance of the building and its mission and outreach.

If you would like to make a monetary contribution, however small, please go to our Making a Donation page.  This explains the different ways by which you could help us financially.

We also depend a great deal on our wonderful team of volunteers without whom the Abbey would struggle to provide as much as it does for its worshippers and visitors. Its a rewarding and fulfilling job, suitable for people from any age group, background or faith with time to spare regularly.