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Mothers' Union

logo mothersunion webWherever in the world you find the Church of England, you find the Mothers’ Union.

Mothers’ Union in this country has an unfortunate image of being “ladies in hats pouring tea.”

Wrong! MU is far from that. We even let men join!

IMG 1189MU’s aim is to support family life in all its shapes and sizes, responding to local needs and seizing local opportunities, whatever and wherever they might be. Overseas, the MU are the hands – on workers in schools, clinics, orphanages, and in giving people the skills they need to run small businesses.

Bishop Graham calls the MU, “the praying heart of the Diocese.” MU members are committed to prayer but we also believe in action. Our branch members knit hats and blankets for the maternity unit at the hospital, and support projects run by the Diocese such as Away From It All Holidays (for those who wouldn’t get any break otherwise) and Angel Tree (Christmas presents for the children of prisoners). MU nationally campaigns very actively about family policy issues. Tying in with the work of this parish and its special link with Mampong in Ghana, the Wymondham MU joins the MU of Mampong in supporting the orphanage.

making tea

Making tea, but not wearing a hat

And we do make a fine cup of tea.   Come and join us.

In Wymondham we meet on the third Wednesday of each month, at 1:30pm in the Abbey, and we regard the 9:30am Eucharist on the first Wednesday of each month as an opportunity to worship together.

Mother's Union Programme 2016

      Apr 20th    Italian Art - Tom Warren

      May 18th   How I arrived at the Abbey - Ruth Brett

      Jun 15th    Summer Outing *

      Jul 20th     tba

      Aug 9th     Mary Sumner Day Service

      Aug 17th   MU at the United Nations - Hilda Billinghurst

      Sep 21st    A Mini Pilgrimage - Sylvia Powell

      Oct 5th      Diocesan Festival Service *
                       at Norwich Cathedral 11am

      Oct 19th    Members’ Meeting

      Nov 16th   The Youth Bus - Mary Collins

      Dec 21st    Christmas Celebration * (venue TBC)

All meetings in Abbey except events indicated *