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Mission and outreach

Love on another quoteDoing All Things With Love

Being a Christian is a calling to live in, through and for the Love that is God. Our commitment is to develop a culture of faith and hope which is joyful, deeply serious and quietly confident. How we do things is at least as important as what we do.

We are open and inclusive. We welcome all people without judgement or Crucifix on pillarprejudice. We are not a community of grand schemes to change the world, but a vibrant church active in people’s lives. Our focus is both on our wonderful town and also on the world. We do “small things with great love” - Mthr Teresa of Calcutta.

“What is hessed? It is usually translated as ‘kindness’ but is also means ‘love’ – not love as emotion or passion, but love expressed as deed” Rabbi Sacks.

Loving Prayer and Meditation

Every day we offer prayers for Wymondham, for people, schools, shops, businesses. We also pray for our country and the whole world. We pray for any who ask for our prayers, we pray alongside whoever comes to join us. We teach and practice meditation.

Loving Creation

We find God's love in all creation and we try to love it back. From herb gardens to wild flowers, from dogs to bats and song birds - we rejoice in the blessings they bring us. “Love the whole world as a mother loves her only child” - Buddha.

Loving BeautyAbbey meadow and sheep

We find the mystery of love in the beauty which we can find in all things if we only look. Out of this love within us we celebrate all the arts - in worship, in prayer and in our lives. We are careful stewards of what has been entrusted to us by earlier generations. Music in particular is a very important source of inspiration and a profound expression of our love and faith. 

Love for those who suffer.

We walk with those who  are struggling in dark places. We pray for persecuted Christians around the world. We support the poor and needy around us in whatever way we can.

Supported Charities

Part of our Christian mission is to help and support those less fortunate than ourselves. To this end, each year we nominate a number of charities that we support. Currently, our chosen charities are listed below, with links for more information:

Charities montage

Wymondham Youth Bus

The Youth Bus project is a project run by the Wymondham Church Network. It aims to provide a safe place for youngsters to go for socialising, help and advice. It also enables the churches to build relationships with local young people. For further information about the Wymondham Youth Bus contact Mary Cousins on 01953 602891 or look for 'Wymondham Youth Bus' on Facebook.

East Anglia Children's Hospice

We are supporting Each's 'Nook Appeal'. A new hospice is needed to meet the demand for their services in Norfolk. The current Quidenham hospice was converted from an old country house and is extremely restricted in its facilities and development. The demand on their services continues to increase and the care for young people over the last decade has increased enormously. They have planning permission for a new hospice – the Nook– on a five-acre site in Framingham Earl, but need to raise a lot more money.



We help the Anglican Diocese of Mampong in Ghana by raising funds for wells, irrigation and education. Wymondham's Mother's Union also support the MU there - they in turn support an orphanage.




Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF uses planes to transform the lives of the world's most isolated people in need. They enable aid, relief and mission projects to reach really remote places. That's where some of the greatest human needs are.